The Photographer

I am a freelance photographer based on the Danish west coast. I grew up here in close contact with the North Sea and the rugged coastline. I was fortunate to have the ocean as my playground from an early age, as I was introduced to both sailing and surfing by my father as soon as I could swim. Since then I've lived a great deal of my life in other countries, mainly Norway and Canada, where I have been able to explore my passion for photography and the outdoors that originally sprouted back here in Denmark. 

Today I've been able to make my passion into my career, and work as a freelance photographer mainly focused on the relationship between us and the outdoors. My photographs are heavily inspired by my relationship with the ocean as a place I go for peace, meaning, and perspective - an inspiration I've found that I share with not only my local community, but coastal dwellers I've met around the world.

Please visit for my commercial work.  

See you out there!